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Get a right blanket for your baby

The body temperature of newborn babies is delicate, and their immune system is still weak and developing.  It would be nice to wrap them up like a burrito with a blanket, a quilt, or a large towel to prevent them from cold wind in case of going out. But what kind of blankets should you choose for your baby? And how the baby blanket be used to make babies more comfortable? Here are some tips.

Some blankets are not made of pure cotton. It cannot be used directly to the newborns since it might cause some unpredicted allergic conditions. If you would like to put a layer of pure cotton blanket on your newborn, you have to do it according to your actual baby’s temperature. If the weather is cold, you can use a thick pure cotton blanket or a small quilt that made of cotton to wrap the baby to keep him warm. If the weather is hot, some breathable blankets would be considered. And it also would prevent baby to have prickly heat.

How can you choose a better blanket? It depends on whether the blanket is plush, flexible, and soft. These attributes really give a baby a cozy comfortable environment. Second, look at the fabric density to see if it feels solid. A solid fabric density means the blanket is welly made. Third, check out the color and cleanliness of the surface of a blanket. You would not want to receive a dirty blanket at the first hand, even if you have to pre-wash it before using it on the baby. Some manufacturers are not having strict quality control on manufacturing their products. Therefore, it is our responsibility, as a parent, to check out every condition of a product that is going to be used on our beloved baby. Fourth, this one is optional. You might want to buy blankets with a cute pattern on it. Developing a sense of cuteness for your babies have to do it when they are still a toddler.

American Baby Company has a really great swaddle blanket that meets all these attributes. The thermal/waffle swaddle blanket is made of 100% cotton. As I mentioned before. Fully 100% cotton would prevent unnecessary conditions on your baby. Besides, cotton provides warm and comfortable feel for the baby. The measurement of this blanket is 30 inches by 40 inches. It is the perfect to wrap up your baby to swaddle. Also, they have plenty of color for your to choose, like pink, lavender, blue, white, etc. These are the solid color. They also came up with new cute pattern not long ago. Like super stars, it is a white blanket with many sizes of stars on it. And there is also aqua whale, which it’s a white blanket with grey and aqua color of whales on it. I really like the Super Star one. The cuteness of a baby wrapped up of a super star blanket is just too overloaded to me.

Another recommendation from this same company is the 100% cotton muslin swaddle blanket. So what is cotton muslin? The muslin means that it is more open weave and less thread count per inch comparing to 100% cotton. This represents that the fabric is more breathable. So this product is really great while the weather is hot. And the measurement of muslin swaddle blanket is 47 inches by 47 inches. It is way larger than the previous one. So it provides an extra layer when wrapping up. And since it is breathable, another layer would not let much wind come through, which giving the baby enough warm. This swaddle blanket doesn’t have solid color unfortunately. However, it has more patterns than the last one, such as Alphabet, Silver Blue Arrow, Stars/Moon.

At last, getting a right blanket for your newborn is really important. You have to get at least two set of blankets to manage in different temperatures.

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