What are Crib Rail Covers for?

The safety of a crib is the main concern that every parent has for their baby. Nowadays the height of most cribs is at least 50 cm above the crib mattress. And the gap between each guardrail is less than 6 cm and more than 4 cm. This is the standard crib safety measurement for preventing baby to climb up the crib and fall off, and for preventing their head and arms and feet to get stuck in between the rails gap. What else should improve the safety for using a crib?

Crib bumper are not recommend to fill up the gap between rails. According to kidsindanger.org, crib bumpers, or bumper pads are not safe for infants, they can pose suffocation, strangulation, and choking hazards, which is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  An alternative that could provide baby more protection is crib rail cover.

Crib rail covers are covers that attach from the top of the rails. And then it hangs down and prevents the baby from being able to get his arms or feet stuck between the rails. It pretty much is another way of solution when you want to keep away the danger for your baby from the crib rails. Besides of preventing the head and limbs of being hurt, it also prevents your baby from biting the crib rail. At the stage of growing teeth, baby love to bite anything that it could get. You wouldn’t want your baby to bite on wooden crib rails or crib rails with paints on it. Apparently the wooden rails might harm their teeth and gums and the paints might also do harmful chemical damage on your baby. Thus, getting a crib rail cover will solve this matter.

The advantage of using crib rails covers is that the set up is simple. They will protect your baby from getting stuck between the rails. And They also protect the teeth and gum while biting. The disadvantage of crib rail covers is that some people might think these crib rail covers will not make any differences. However, it is not do any harm by installing the rail covers. It actually not only provides protection but also makes the crib look more beautiful. American Baby Company has some very cute and beautiful crib rail covers that might be suitable for you. The heavenly soft reversible crib rail cover for long and side rails from American Baby Company has different color. Moreover, they also provide either two different size, narrow and wide. The wide is for rails that measuring up to 18” around, and the narrow is rails that’s measuring up to 4” folded. They are made of 100% polyester. It is made with soft chenille on top & back with a soft filler in middle layer for best protection for babies. These are great products for the babies.

At last, crib rail covers are cost-effective products for an extra protection on the crib. You might want to get one for your kids.

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