What Kind of Bed Does Your Baby Need?

Due to the Covid-19, most of the people are locked up at home for prevention. And there is some prediction that there might be a baby boomer again in 2021. So, I believe it is better for us to learn what to prepare ahead of time.  

First thing first, having a comfortable sleeping environment is the most important for newborns. There are many products out there for any stages of infant. Those products are cradle, bassinet, playard, mini-crib, and crib.  

Cradle is a small, low bed for a baby in the earliest stage of life. It is convenience for parents to be aware of their little one in any time. It also provides the function of rocking back and forth to soothing the baby’s sleep time. But cradle is not suitable for infants who are old enough to roll over or push up, since they might fall off the cradle.  

Bassinet is also a small bed. It is similar cradle yet it is lighter. And it provides a storage section underneath the bassinet mattress for diapers and clothing. Bassinets are very great for co-sleeping. And they are easy to move around the house in case of doing house chores. However, the recommendation of using bassinet is also under 6 months old. 

For older infant, crib and mini-crib is a great product for safety and durability. They have more room for the infant to move around, and they have rails circle around the bed for preventing the infant from falling to the ground.  

There is also a product called Pack N Play Playard. As it is called Pack N Play, it could be easily set up for baby to play inside as the parents do their house chores and easily to watch out for the babies. Besides, since its rails are tall, it is suitable for infant or toddler who is less than 35 inches to stay inside without causing any self-harmed.  

Aside of having these beddings for babies, having a great sheet to cover the mattress to provide a comfortable sleeping environment for them is a must! Today I am going to introduce the sheets that American Baby Company carries.  

From the research I have done, the products that American Baby Company has on Amazon have a high rating comparing to other baby brands. The pricing of their products are fair among other sellers. Besides, they have fitted sheet for crib mattress, mini-crib mattress, cradle mattress, bassinet mattress, and pack n play playard mattress. Basically they provides fitted sheet to cover any kinds of baby product mattress.  

However, one thing I have noticed on the internet is that many people would mess up the size of their beds to buy a correct fitted sheet. And of course, the size of cradle (18” x 36” x 4”) and bassinet (15” x 33” x 4”), and the size of mini-crib (24” x 38” x 3”) and playard (27” x 39” x 4”) is very similar. Therefore, it is best to know what you are looking for, and be cautious on the title on Amazon.  

There are two types of material that these sheets are made of, cotton jersey and velvety polyester. According to wiki, “Cotton jersey fabric is knitted with interlocking loops of yam making it stretchy.” Since it is cotton, it is so soft that gives newborn an exceptional comfortableness of laying on there. It is also breathable, so having them in the summer time is a pretty good idea. Another fabric type is velvety polyester. According to moodfabrics.com, “Polyester Velvet Fabric is a seductively lustrous material with a featherlike softness and gorgeous sheen. It offers outstanding durability, insulation and wrinkle resistance.” These are like a higher brand of the jersey cotton. They are softer, and smoother, which providing a more cozy sleeping environment for the infants. And their price is a bit higher than the Jersey cotton products. However, there are a few numbers of feedbacks saying that it will shrink. I have washed a couple times for each of the fabric material. I couldn’t see any difference on the size. So all I have to recommend is to follow the instruction to tumble dry low.  

Overall, American Baby Company has collections of sheets that fit most of the baby bed mattresses. The sheets are not only soft and give exceptional comfort to the infants, but also provide durability. Therefore, they would be a great product for your newborn.

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